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Key Aspects for Doing Business in China

1. Be Flexible and Maintain Diversity of Sourcing

China is a great place to source consumer products, but there are still plenty of risks. Occasionally, manufacturers go bankrupt, which will create tremendous disruption if you're doing business with them. Therefore, it's smart to be flexible and maintain some diversity when it comes to sourcing your consumer products.

2. Partner with Privatized Domestic Enterprises

Teaming up with private local companies provides many benefits. First, they offer tremendous cost savings if you outsource manufacturing. Second, they will serve you better by being your friend rather than your competitor. Finally, their access, distribution channels and know-how about the domestic Chinese market are extremely valuable for your market entry.

3. Look beyond Lowest Costs

This may seem counterintuitive, since most companies look to China for lowest-cost sourcing. But keep in mind it may not be lower than some of the other emerging countries. Government incentives, reliability, speed of distribution and proper infrastructure are important factors to consider when choosing your sourcing location. Certain provinces may be good choices for your type of products because of upcoming major events or China's strategy to boost business in up-and-coming inland regions.

4. Use Sourcing as a Tool for Market Entry and Access

Although exporting to China has become easier, there is no substitute for being close to the 1.3 billion Chinese consumers. Besides, World Trade Organization rules will make it easier to distribute goods made in China to local consumers.

5. Understand Cultural Differences

Although smart and progressive, most Chinese people lack global business experience. People over the age of 35 grew up in an era in which the government provided everything. Use patience and flexibility to build good relationships with both central and local governments; without financial drivers, decisions traditionally were made based upon power and relationships.

Source by John Miller

What is Background Check?

A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records (in certain instances such as employment screening) of an individual.

Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport, and government (including law enforcement and military). These checks are traditionally administered by a government agency for a nominal fee, but can also be administered by private companies. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit score, and criminal history.

Background Check Types:
Fraud Checks
Employment Screening
Drug Testing
Criminal Record Checking
Background check international
Business intelligence investigations
Cross-border investigations
Legal support services
Insurance claims investigations
Landlord services
Reseller information consulting
Risk management consulting
Security consulting
Services security planning

Leading corporate security consultants, providing background checks, criminal records, company profiles, country info and online databases for the past twenty years to corporate, consulting firms, government departments, agencies, academic institutions etc., globally.

United Risk International, the leading corporate security consultants providing wholesale background checks, criminal records, reseller information
services, reports, company profiles, newsletters, country info and online databases for the past twenty years to corporate, consulting firms, government
departments, agencies, academic institutions etc., globally. is a company particularly for people who are looking for corporate, consulting firms, consulting services, corporate consulting
associates, agencies etc.

United Risk International is an independent, global risk consulting firm that helps you protect your human capital, reduce your exposure, and secure your
competitive edge.

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Petroleum Industry of India

The development of the Indian petroleum industry began on a very slow note. It started mainly in the northeastern part of India especially in the place called Digboi in the state of Assam. Until the 1970's, the production of petroleum and the exploration of new locations for extraction of petroleum were mainly restricted to the northeastern state in India.

However, an important advancement in the Indian petroleum industry came with the passing of Industrial Policy Resolution in 1956, which emphasized focus on the growth and promotion of industries in India. Another major incident was the discovery of Bombay High, which changed the scenario of the Indian petroleum industry drastically. The Indian petroleum industry was sponsored completely by the government, and the management control of the petroleum industry and all its related activity was entirely with the government. The petroleum industry has the most significant role to play in changing the Indian economy from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy.

The adoption of liberalization and privatization in July 1991 changed the situation again. The government started allowing the Indian petroleum industry to go into private hands and also entered into government and private joint ventures. The government also eased the stringent regulation process on the petroleum industry. This gave a tremendous boost to the petroleum industry in India. The industry began to grow at a tremendous pace. The production of petroleum and petroleum products also showed a significant rise.

Along with liberalization and privatization, the overall economy of India grew. Also, the demand for petroleum products increased at an annual rate of about 5.5%. The demand for petroleum and petroleum products still continues to grow, and there is great potential for investors to invest in India in the sector and gain valuable returns while meeting the increasing demands for the petroleum products.

The petroleum industry in India is particularly favorable for foreign investment because the industry is one of the fastest growing segments, and it has shown a staggering growth rate of around 13% in the recent past. Apart from the tremendous growth rate in the Indian petroleum industry today, it also boasts technology of international standards, easy availability of infrastructure at very cheap rates, high demands for petroleum products, and increased spending habits of the middle-class people. All these factors make investments in the Indian petroleum industry an attractive proposition for foreign investors.

The foreign trade in petroleum and petroleum products in the recent past have registered significant growth. It has thus attracted new foreign investments. Some of the main petroleum products that are manufactured for trade with foreign countries are petroleum gases, gas oil, propane, distilled crude oil, naphtha, ethane, and kerosene.

The petroleum industry has contributed heavily to the manufacturing industry in the country through foreign trade in petroleum products. Rapid globalization, fast-changing technology, and the changing methods in the way business is conducted have brought significant changes and enormous opportunities for petroleum companies in India to flourish and expand their operation to global markets.

Another very important reason why the Indian petroleum industry is a good option for investment is that the future of the petroleum industry in India promises great potential for development. The fast economic growth of India and the various developmental activities taking place presents India with opportunities in the future to be a dominant player globally in the export of petroleum products.

Source by Kamal Kishore Poria

Putlog and Independent Scaffolding

A putlog scaffold consists of a single row of standards, parallel to the face of the building and set as far away from it as is necessary to accommodate a platform of four or five boards wide, with the inner edge of the platform as close to the wall as is practicable.

The standards are connected by a ledger fixed with right angle couplers and the putlogs are fixed to the ledgers using putlog couplers. The blade end of the putlog tube (or putlog adaptor) is normally placed horizontally on the brickwork being built, taking care to use the maximum bearing area.

A putlog scaffolding differs from traditional independent-scaffolding as it is actually tied into the building bricks using ‘putlogs' (or tubes) and putlog adapters. Step Scaffolding offers design and traditional putlog scaffolding for private and commercial requirements. All our scaffolders are highly trained and fully qualified and comply with all Government standards.

Where a putlog is required for an intermediate board support and it is opposite an opening in the building, such as window or doorway, the inside end of the putlog should be supported on an underslung bridle tube spanning adjacent putlogs. The bridle tube should be secured with right angle couplers.

Sway bracing is required at intervals not exceeding 30 M but, unlike independent tied scaffolds, ledger bracing is not required in the finished scaffold.

An independent scaffold consists of a double row of standards, with each row parallel to the building. The inner row is set as close to the building as is practicable. The distance between the lines of standards should be the minimum necessary to accommodate the required number of boards and toe boards.

A variation may be adopted in which the row of standards nearest to the building can be set back about 300 mm from the building face. This means that one of the boards of the platform can be laid between the inside row of the standards and the building face.Types of Independent Scaffold are: 

Birdcage scaffold: A birdcage scaffold is an independent scaffold that consists of more than two rows of standards in both directions and is connected by ledgers and transoms. It is mainly used for work that is to be carried out on a single level, such as ceilings.

Tower scaffold: A tower scaffold is an independent scaffold consisting of four vertical members connected longitudinally and transversely.

Mobile Scaffold: A mobile scaffold is an independent scaffold that is freestanding and mounted on castors.

Hung scaffold: A hung scaffold is an independent scaffold that hangs from another structure, but is not capable of being raised or lowered when in use.

Source by bindiyadoss

Rookie Guide On How To Buy A Muscle Car: Determine Your Price Range And Payment Method

Now let's dig into determining what a reasonable price range would be for a particular car, and then go about deciding how to pay for it.

Price Range:
Determining the price range on a major purchase, whether it be a muscle car, a fighter jet, or a dishwasher generally comes down to evaluating your personal financial situation and determining what you can afford.  We'll assume that you already understand that and will stick to determining the price range that the make and model car you are looking at may fall in.

So just how do you really determine the price range for a classic muscle car?  Simple – you need to take a look at what the market thinks it's worth.  Just like real estate, muscle car values are determined by what the market thinks the cars are worth, not by calculating the sum cost of all of their parts.   The price that people are currently paying for muscle cars is key.  It's a subjective thing that relies on supply and demand.  Also, unlike 99% of modern cars, 1960's and '70's muscle cars are really not going down in value anymore.   Their value bottomed out long ago and has been on the rise ever since.  Over the past few years we've seen somewhat of a bubble in values, but they still remain quite high.

Now that we understand how value ranges are established for a make and model, it's clear to see why understanding how you will use your muscle car is critical when doing your car shopping (refer to our previous post for more details).  If you are planning to have a weekend funmobile, a mid-price range car is going to serve you quite well, and you may even be able to go cheaper.  If you're buying a car for an investment a mid-price range car is likely the LOWEST value of car you would go with.  Remember, the unique cars, the popular cars, and the all original cars are going to be at the high end of the price range for that particular make and model.

To see what the market thinks various make and model cars are worth based on their varying condition, simply visit Keith Martin's Collector Car Price Tracker.  It's the best resource on the web to get an idea of the trends in the industry based on SALE prices of cars, and you can look at values over the last several years on a model by model basis.  We offer a free one-month membership to Keith Martin's Collector Market simply by signing up for our newsletter.  Remember, HOW you plan to use the car is a must when looking at car values.  You may come to the conclusion after looking at the sale prices cars have gone for that you need to look at a different make/model, or change your plans in how you will use the car.

In addition to Keith Martin's Collector Car market, start taking notice of all the prices listed in the Classifieds section here at The MuscleCar Place and the other online places as well.  Most asking prices for cars are consistent with what the market will bring (give or take), so you should at least be able to develop a trend.

Payment Method:
Now that you have the make/model down, how you're going to use the car determined, and have a good idea of what the car will cost you to buy it's time to put your payment method together.  Do this BEFORE striking a deal for the car.  Being prepared with information in this step is key to making a purchase that is fair to both you and the car owner, so do your homework ahead of time.

Most dealers do offer financing of some type as a courtesy, but in all honestly the best payment method is the old fashioned one: cash.  Buying a car in cash will help you do a couple of things:

1) It will allow you to negotiate the best price possible
2) It will secure you from (potentially) being upside down in a loan – and remove other risk as well.

If you are buying a car for an investment, the car really can be considered part of your overall portfolio (just as real estate might be).  Never cash out a 401k early to buy a muscle car (or anything for that matter), but instead use cash available on hand or transfer it from other cash investments.  Remember, while muscle car values have been doing well in the past 10 years investment growth is not a guarantee.  Bill Paweski at Arizona Classics routinely recommends to his clients to be mindful of the market – and to be prepared to hang on to the car until the market is ready before even thinking about selling it (which is another good reason to purchase in cash)!

Doing your homework up-front will save you a lot of pain later on.  Now is not the time to shortcut the process.  The last thing you'd want to happen would be to end up hating the muscle car that you purchased, and if you follow the process laid out here that will not happen.  Go for it!

In our next and final post in this series we will discuss how to evaluate the car, set up insurance, and purchase!

Source by Robert Kibbe

Be Introduced to Cebu Ladies From Philippine Personals Sites For Marriage

Before anything else, you should know that marriage is a serious thing with Philippines  women, especially for Filipina singles who grew up in Cebu, Philippines . Be attentive that there is no divorce in the Philippines, so people marry really seriously.

There are numerous guys like you who would like to marry a Filipino  woman. Some have a preference to marry a Filipina woman from Cebu, others just want  to date a Filipina lady in their own city.

If you intend to marry a Filipino woman from Cebu , then here are some tips for you.

Be prepared to become a member in Philippine dating sites.

This is the best avenue for you to come across Philippine women from Philippine  who are looking for a serious relationship leading to a wedding.

It is effortless to meet Cebu women online. You can now join  in Filipina dating sites and start communicating with members. If you are keen to be introduced to Filipino girls from Cebu only, then you have the option to do so. More often than not, they are the ones interested to encounter a guy like you looking for a serious relationship leading to a marriage.

Put up an appealing online dating profile.

What I suggest with this is that, you should definitely place a decent and clear photograph of yourself. It ought to be new and not a photograph of you more than a few years ago. Take note, you are looking to wed a Philippines girl. Take into account that matrimony is a serious matter, especially with women from Cebu.

Prepare to travel to Cebu.

If you do not choose  to become a member in Philippine dating sites, then you might as well holiday at Philippines and get a Filipina woman there. This option is a bit more hard for you to come across the best young woman, unless you already have a few Filipino acquaintances who will go with you to Philippine  and show you about and present you to unmarried Philippines ladies whom they know. However, if you just fly on the jet to Philippines, then you will maybe meet the wrong women when you will be there, so be watchful.

Nonetheless, if you previously know Philippines ladies online, and made acquaintances with some of them, you will have the option to select just a few, and then choose one girl among them. You can then decide to meet this girl in Cebu, and come visit her and meet her relatives too. If you are enthusiastic to meet her family, it will show her that you are really sincere about getting to know her better and in your relationship with her. Filipinas have close family ties, and her family is very important to her.

Be trustworthy and reliable.

Philippines ladies are very fussy about faithfulness, so you ought to prove that she can have confidence in you. If you have committed yourself to a serious relationship with a Philippines  girl from Cebu, let her realize that you intend all you say. If you say to her that you will go back and wed her, then do it. If you say to her that you will do all to take her to your country and marry her there, then do it. If you tell her that you love her, then mean it with all your heart. Once you gained a Filipina woman's love and respect, then you will feel to be a very lucky man.

Source by Filipina Kisses

Corvette for Sale – There’s Something for Everyone

Corvettes for sale are displayed online with descriptions and photographs. Classic corvettes for sale are in demand. These Chevrolet Corvettes for sale are prized by their owners and now on sale for you to buy. Corvettes for sale are displayed online with multiple photographs.

We always see a burst of activity following the Labor Day weekend as sellers try to move their Corvettes before winter approaches. Corvette Classified Ads are only $25 and run for 3 months. Jim placed the ad earlier this week and the Corvette has already received a ton a page views and requests for additional information. Do you have a Corvette for sale that you think would be worthy of being featured.

I'm not against a dealer trying to make a buck or two, and perhaps the auction format is the best way to allow the market to decide who wants the Corvette the most. If you want to get behind the wheel of a new or classic Corvette and have a little fun during summer, now is the time. Where other auctions are higher profile and attract the crazy money like Barrett-Jackson's two events, the Corvette auction at Bloomington is a real harbinger of where the Corvette Market is. As usual, a large contingent of 1967 Corvette Big Blocks, making up a remarkable 13% of all Corvettes for sale at the Palm Beach event, will be available for collectors. If you've been dreaming about getting behind the wheel of a Corvette, there is no better place to start looking than VetteFinders.

Corvettes for sale are detailed online with plenty of photos. With over 500 Corvettes for sale, from C1s to C6s, you're sure to find the Corvette of your dreams. Red is the power color of Corvettes and buying a red Corvette will one day make it easier to sell. So buckle up and get your checkbooks ready because these featured Corvettes won't be available for long.

Red Corvettes tend to have a higher resale value and sell faster than most other colors. Even in the later models, Red Corvettes outsell their peers. In 2006, the two reds, Monterey and Victory, combined for nearly 1/3 of all Corvettes produced.

With some many Corvettes on the road and so many Chevrolet Corvette for sale ads, it can be difficult to scan through the Corvette listings for your perfect car. Classic corvettes for sale create interest amongst corvette enthusiasts. Easily compare options and pricing on used Corvettes in your area, from both dealers and private parties. List your used Corvettes for sale here. You may meet someone who has some classic corvettes for sale.

I love looking at Corvettes for sale and it?s always fun when I can bring something unique to the table. These Corvettes don't come up for sale very often, but already this year we've seen three 1953 Corvettes sell and with each sale, the bar is raised. Cars for sale displayed online with detailed pictures. Classic car articles provide excellent details about acquisitions, body and interior restorations, parts for sale and owner?s enthusiasm and dedication.

Classic car value appreciates over time, and original unrestored well cared for cars generally reflect a higher value. You can still get into a very nice small block midyear for under $50,000, and trust me, there's nothing small about owning a 327 ci 300 hp American Classic. Fully documented, longtime ownership and an optional motor all work in favor of this classic. Website shows classic cars for sale with detailed descriptions and multiple photos. The classic car restorer and trader newsletter provides up to date information on classic car news.

Enthusiasts search for eBay classic cars every day. Find your dream car on eBay classic cars. You may also like to visit the classic car for sale page.

Barrett-Jackson announced last year that they would be bringing down the total number of cars in the 2008 Auction from 1,200 to around 1,000. Yes, it's that time of year where chrome, corporate jets, unlimited checkbooks, and gavel to gavel television coverage converge on Scottsdale Arizona for what has become the Super Bowl of automotive auctions. This auction is traditionally one of the largest Corvette auctions of the year.

What's also interesting about this list is that the venerable auction favorite, the 1967 Corvette will only be making 7 appearances whereas last year there was over 20 1967 Corvettes that sold. "Handing over the keys to these prized possessions is going to be tough, but I think there will be some worthy candidates at the Barrett-Jackson auction. We're hoping to see more Corvettes added soon to this very important and historically well-attended auction.

Source by Richard Shryack

Why Buy Property on Lake Placid, Texas?

If you are thinking to buy or sell property within the area of Lake Placid then perhaps spending a few minutes in reading the article below will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Texas is considered to be the largest state in terms of area among the lower 48 and with a population of nearly 26.5 million residents, it is ranked second, behind California. With constant signs of population growth, many seemingly fruitful real estate opportunities have become available. According to the Texas quarterly housing report, there are clear indications of a booming market. That said if you are contemplating obtaining a real estate license then the state of Texas should be on that list, and fairly close to the top I might add. You can complete the course relatively quickly and take the exams online. It may only take you a month or so to acquire the license however once you have obtained your license you can hit the ground running in this hot market.

According to a recent study, the cities that have endured the highest growth rates include the Woodlands, Austin and San Marcos. And counties like Denton and Frisco have shown some of the more remarkable inclines in the entire state. Another area that appears to be flying under the radar is the city of New Braunfels and neighboring Lake Placid, which we will further have a look into in the following sections.

With flourishing and thriving neighborhoods across Texas, many folks have been looking at Lake Placid in terms of real estate investments and properties. It is a quintessential body of water for those individuals who love the great outdoors. With a variety of activities including camping, boating, fishing and swimming, Lake Placid can easily become a respectable candidate when it comes to real estate investing. The lake itself is based on the Guadalupe River, which is located a few miles from Lake McQueeney, which is another area experiencing steady growth rates. If you are a fan of activities such as boating then you can take advantage of the boat ramp, which is free for public access. Because this lake has attracted many individuals who love the outdoors, several homes and properties have been cropping up.

Most if not all the homes on Lake Placid consist of fascinating views of the lake. The construction of the homes ranges to some degree from contemporary to the more traditional. Several buyers who have recently purchased property in this region are even building their own custom made homes. The amenities are widespread and provide the maximum amount of comfort. The majority of the lake front homes contain private boat docks and secondary outlets for Jet Ski storage. Some of the lake homes even have upstairs patios, which offer some more breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding area. These may run a bit higher as far as the cost is considered however with lush amenities and extravagant scenery and views, the property value can potentially soar. The current prices of real estate in Lake Placid are generally affordable yet with increasing demands this may not be the case down the line. To avoid making any regretful decisions later on, the time to invest in real estate property and homes on Lake Placid is now. If you plan to buy today it won't be very difficult for you to find a good deal on homes for sale in Lake McQueeney or Lake Placid areas.

If you are in the market for affordable and quality homes in a serene and peaceful environment then add Lake Placid to your list of prospective real estate ( opportunities. And with an ample amount of outdoor activities and breathtaking views of the lake, the decision should be a no brainer.

Source by Peter Fried

The Virtual Rear View Mirror

This invention is a small single or multi-part LCD screen that is connected to one or more cameras near the rear of a semi. It essentially gives truck drivers a rear view mirror to enhance driver safety and minimize theft.  

Note: Coming up with new ideas is easy. Getting a patent costs about $6,000 and there is no guarantee your idea will ever make you a cent. It's also not that easy to get a company to buy into your idea unless your friends with the CEO or you have lots of extra money to travel around and make presentations.

Short Technical Bio

Daniel Nase attended Pacific Lutheran University at the age of 15 in the Advance College Program and spent a lot of his time reading graduate papers in the university's library. Many of his instructors and mentors were amazed with his ability to think outside the box in business, medicine, mathematics, chemistry and physics. Daniel started working on advanced calculus, Riemann equations and theoretical physics while he was attending Washington High School. He also participated in Air Force JROTC and earned a private pilots license through Clover Park Technical College.

Daniel joined the National Guard at age 16 with parent permission and worked as an Apache / Chinook Helicopter Mechanic for several years before being recommended for an elite officer program in the Nuclear Field. For three years he was engaged in the Navy's rigorous training program in Advanced Electronics and Nuclear Physics in Orlando Florida. He graduated at the top of his class and spent 9 months in the Mediterranean before being honorably discharged.

Daniel designed and built the AMTECH Thermonuclear Converter at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in July of 1997. This nuclear device provides electricity to deep space satellites and was created during the Pathfinder Mission. He also worked on X-ray tubes, electroplating, making silicon carbide crystals, electronic drafting, and generating 3D images in Silicon using two scanning lasers. He earned this prestigious summer internship through the MSEP program with Scott Minnix at the University of Washington and Linda Rodgers at NASA.

In 1997 and 1998 Daniel helped build a mainframe computer from scratch as part of the Work Study Program. He also learned basic AutoCAD and networked all of the computers in the University's four-story Astrophysics building. After he built the mainframe, Daniel ran tests and recorded events in the University of Washington's fusion reactor and also worked on the RAM Accelerator. 

Daniel took a non-executive role in Infinity Group to work as an Installation / Retrofit Engineer III for several years in the semiconductor industry. This is were he applied his training in the military by doing work in network engineering, applications engineering, robotics, UV optics, pneumatics and advanced electronics troubleshooting for KLA-Tencor Corp. He was responsible for installing and aligning Starlight and Lightning series reticle inspection systems throughout the world. This gave him the opportunity to improve his speaking ability in German, Japanese and French.  

Source by Daniel

Action Plan for Successful Export Marketing

Export marketing is a serious issue for most growing companies in today's interconnected global economy. Whether to export or not, where to and how to, are the major questions for companies willing to expand their international markets.

Export marketing is not just a process to find buyers/importers and approach them with the expectation of export orders but a well planned strategic marketing process one should follow and performed well to get success in International Market. Since last 10 years of my International Marketing consultancy practice, I have found that major export marketing efforts get failed due to lack of implementing strategic marketing action plan.

So what is that strategic marketing action plan..?

Strategic marketing action plan is a set of key functional areas of export marketing which should be performed well and followed step by step to get succeed in Export marketing. Performing following key tasks step by step will give you a rapid success in export marketing with sustainable and profitable export sales growth.

Step-1 : Identify your target market

First step of export marketing is to identify target market and market needs where your products/services has good market potential and demand. There are many countries in world and you should pick right one(s) for your product and services. If you know your target market and market needs, you could easily get export orders from those countries. You can identify target market by conducting International Market research activity that will give you detailed knowledge of opportunities in International market.

Step-2 : Developing Export Marketing strategies

After identifying target market, second step of export marketing is to develop a right Export Marketing Strategies including market entry strategy, positioning strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy, branding strategy, supply strategy and promotional strategy according to target market needs. Based on the conclusions of the International market research, you will be able to develop the strategy to meet your export marketing objectives. Your Export Marketing strategies should be able to develop a sense,

• To enter in right market where your products/services has good market potential and demand
• To position appropriately that give you and edge over competitor
• To develop products/services that satisfy needs of buyer,
• To offer prices that give both of you and your buyer a competitive advantage,
• To offer own brand or private label solution
• To supply as per ready stock or buyer's requirements
• To promote your company that creates awareness among buyers/importers

If you have developed right export marketing strategies you could enter and develop international market faster with sustainable export sales growth.

Step-3 : Preparing Marketing Communication tools

Once you have developed strategies based on target market needs, third step is to prepare informative and appealing marketing communication tools like Company Profile, Sales letter, Product Catalogue, Brochures, Website etc. that can supports in positioning and promoting your company. Your all marketing communication tools should be well designed, informative, professional and appealing that can deliver all necessary information of your company and products/services to prospective buyers/importers and influence their decision to start business communication with you.

Step-4 : Promotion

After preparing marketing communication tools, next step is Promotion which plays a major role in export marketing success. Main objective of promotion is to create awareness among buyers/importers of what you are and what you offer. Promotional mix should be cost effective and should deliver right message, in right time and at right place. Promotion should lead buyers/importers to get attention, capture interest and take action in initiating business communication with you. Internet is the best cost effective and fastest promotion tool in present export marketing practices. It has been seen that major buyers/importers using search engines, B2B portals and directories to find and contact genuine suppliers. So presence of your company profile and products/services in major search engines like Google, yahoo and B2B portals like will give your company a global exposure and creates awareness among buyers/importers effectively. Participating in Trade fairs, Exhibitions and catalogue shows is also a good offline promotional strategy which can generate a direct and live contact with buyers/importers.

Step-5 : Generating Export Inquiries

Success in export Marketing begins with generating genuine export inquiries from prospective buyers/importers which requires expertise and focused work of promotion, sourcing genuine buyers and approaching them professionally. One should study buyer's profile and/or buy leads to know whether you can offer them what they requires. It has been seen that many suppliers contact majority of those buyers/importers who have no interest in their product/services without understanding their profile and needs. A Buyer/importer can send you inquiry only when he needs your products/services either better than his existing supplier in terms of either Quality, Price, Services and/or developing more suppliers and/or for other reasons. So contact them by offering competitive advantage which can get them interested to send you inquiries which can be converted in to export orders by communicating and negotiating professionally.

All above steps are inter connected and can only give results if each step performed or performing well. Export marketing is a continuous process and all those key functions can be reviewed and modified time to time as per changing global economic and market situation.

Source by Azaz Motiwala