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Make Your Trip an Extraordinary Affair with Coach Bus

Every passenger needs a comfortable and relaxed traveling, irrespective of the distance of the journey. Now, the passengers have got rid of the old fashioned and unstylish buses, which are being replaced by the charter buses. There are many reasons as to why people choose the charter buses for transportation, the top most reasons being the facilities provided by them. Apart from the amenities, it can carry number of passengers at a time, and when you are planning to travel with your family, you will not be required to get scatter and travel. The buses are not only used for personal trips, but also used for the professional one, by the corporate and businesspersons.

Before, hiring a professional charter company, it is necessary to look into the details how they operate and the guidelines provided for the passengers. Although, there are many companies mushrooming in every parts of the city, in a bid to provide services, but make sure they possess goodwill in the market. Reputation is established in the market with years of experience. Before investing thousands of dollars in bus travel, it is necessary to investigate the reliability and reputation of the company. The drivers and the vehicles should posses an unblemished record of accomplishment of satisfying customers. Secondly, you should also look after the quality of the buses and the mechanical condition of the buses. Along with ample number of opportunities, you should always look for safety features like anti-lock braking systems. If required you can also ask them questions on how to handle the break down, the driver should be enough knowledgeable to handle such crisis.

You realize the importance of buses with the kind of facilities they are providing to their passengers including bathrooms, TV, video, reclining seats, window shades, curtains, air conditioning, WI-Fi and many more. You will get the vehicles in range of sizes to suit your needs, but ask them if the fleet can be substituted during time of requirement. Bus services are an important mode of transportation and it is opted by maximum number of travelers worldwide. It is more economical and convenient than taxi or cabs and allows giving more flexibility to the travelers, as they are able to stretch themselves on a moving bus.

Traveling can be pleasurable, if the buses provide human condition to stay in the bus for several hours. When you have fresh and clean settings, perhaps you can take a short nap, while someone else is driving and you are sitting in a relaxed way. The advantages of hiring coach bus rental NYC, is they are way different from other buses that ply on the road. They have chauffeur services, where you will find assistant and drivers, accompany you in your trip and make it more pleasurable. The leading benefits in traveling in coach bus are, you do not have to overbear the burden of paying the parking fees and toll tax of any in the high way. The charter bus company adheres to strict industry accepted preventive maintenance, which ensures trouble free and reliable vehicle performance. It is an excellent way to determine the quality of the company and the sincerity with which it runs.

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Using a private air charter service

private air charter services is the ultimate way to travel for those
individuals or groups who wish to have a convenient and luxurious way
to travel to their destinations. Air travel can often be a troublesome and tedious experience with inconvenient flight schedules and frequently with long waiting times for flight check-ins. It is also an inconvenience when scheduled flights do not fly directly to the desired location and stop-over’s and flight changes can drastically increase travel times and stress levels.

Hiring a private aircraft is an ideal solution for those who wish to travel quickly with a minimum of fuss, directly to their destination.

Those travelling for business purposes, those who have arranged shopping trips or persons travelling to a holiday destination can all utilise the services of JetAir to charter a private aircraft. Without the usual aggravations of normal flight travel, customers can arrive at their destinations in a calm and relaxed manner ready to start their holidays, business meetings or shopping trips.

If larger groups are travelling together, private jet hire can be a cost-effective way to fly. With a variety of aircraft in different sizes to choose from, those with more limited budgets than most people would appreciate can realistically afford to fly in this manner.

With recent concerns regarding air travel safety this is an ideal way to fly without so much anxiety about terrorism or the normal fear of unruly airplane passengers. Baggage can be handled securely and arrive safely with the passengers without the standard level of concerns of lost or stolen luggage.

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Types of Boats for Freshwater Fishing

From simple kayaks to 50+ mph bass boats, there is a freshwater fishing boat for every application.

- Belly boats are one form of "boat" used in freshwater fishing. These odd craft are basically a set of chest waders combined with floatation to form a wearable means of moving thru the water. These are popular among fishermen that target fish near shore in small ponds or along sheltered shorelines.

- Kayaks are extremely popular for freshwater fishing. These simple craft move silently and effortlessly, going where other boats cannot venture. Kayak fishermen fish for bass, catfish, panfish and other freshwater fish.

- Canoes are another light weight boat used in freshwater fishing. They are often kept at summer cabins where they can be launched easily and used to explore lakes and creeks. When necessary, canoes can be moved over land to reach otherwise inaccessible waterways.

- Jon boats are popular styles of freshwater fishing boats. Made from aluminum, they are light, durable and require very little maintenance. Simple versions offer built in seating and are designed to accept small electric or gas powered engines. Smaller jon boats can be slid into a pickup truck, transported into remote areas and launched by hand.

- Small molded boats are another lightweight, portable option. Many of these feature a pontoon or catamaran shape and are light enough to be transported and launched by one or two anglers. Some units accept electric motors for propulsion.

- Open skiffs are a classic type of fishing boat. They are common on northern lakes and other sheltered areas where anglers fish for species such as musky, northern pike and lake trout. These boats usually have few features except a motor, bare seats and room for 2-4 anglers.

- Bass boats are modern craft, equipped with an array of technology. These low sided boats are stable, but incredibly fast. Most feature raised decks, large outboard engines, a front mounted trolling motor and full electronics. As their name implies, they are used extensively for catching largemouth bass.

- Pontoon boats are often used for freshwater fishing. These large platforms are perfect for family vacations. They offer plenty of room, shade and comfortable seating. Although most are slow, they are very popular among anglers.

- Center consoles are hardcore fishing boats. Usually set up for saltwater fishing, they are also used extensively on larger lakes, rivers and other waterways. Their speed and ability to endure harsh weather makes them a good choice for some applications.

- Cuddy cabins are another choice for large bodies of water. These full featured boats offer a cabin below for shelter and storage. Most models are powered by large outboard, inboard-outboard or shaft drive engines.

- Air boats are popular in southern swamps and marshes. Although noisy when underway, they are able to travel over waters that are filled with stumps, logs, aquatic vegetation and other hazzards.

- Sportfishermen are the largest boats used for freshwater fishing. These mammoth boats have the size and safety features to handle severe weather on lakes, large rivers and coastal estuaries.

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A Singles Cruise On A Budget

A singles cruise is a very economical choice for a vacation getaway because it provides you with an all-inclusive vacation. Your accommodations, meals, entertainment, amenities and singles cruise program are included in the basic per-person price, making it so much easier to stick to your vacation budget.

Before selecting your singles cruise itinerary, it may be more cost effective to look for an upcoming cruise that is departing out of a port near your hometown. If you can drive to the port of embarkation, you can save on air travel, hotel costs, and transfers to and from the cruise terminal.

Another way to save money before you set sail is to plan to share a cruise cabin with another solo traveler in the group. provides a complimentary roommate matching service for all of their guests. This can help you take advantage of the lower double occupancy cabin price. Sharing a cabin with another cruiser also allows you to meet someone new right away at the start of your vacation who is in the same boat as you.

Once onboard, you can participate in as many of the organized singles activities included in your cruise price as you like. During your days at sea, you will meet your single counterparts at complimentary cocktail mixers, dance lessons, board game sessions, speed meeting, ice cream socials, wine and chocolate get-togethers and more. After the sun goes down, you can dress the part for several fun theme nights while you enjoy open table dinner seating within the singles group.

There are plenty of other free recreational activities and events to participate in on the ship to keep you entertained all day and night. In your free time, you can spend time together with your new unattached friends sunning at the pool, playing games on the sports deck, meeting up for a work-out, or taking in a show at the ship's theater. To keep your budget in line, be sure to watch spending on extras such as alcohol, spa treatments, specialty dinner clubs, and souvenirs which can hike up the cost of your cruise vacation.

Once you reach your ship's ports of call, there are often a number of affordable ways to see the sights. Many cruise travelers opt to explore as much of their destination as they can by foot to take in the city's unique flavor and offerings. For warm-weather itineraries, many cruisers simply ask the locals where the best beach is and take an inexpensive bus or cab ride there. Depending on the port, you can often take the same low-cost transportation to a number of nearby attractions.

A singles cruise is a rewarding and affordable vacation where you can enjoy shipboard life and the company of new people while staying within your budget.

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Cruising Pregnancy Guidelines

Imagine the scenario; you have booked your cruise and since found out you are pregnant, you may well be wondering if it will be safe for you to travel. Alternatively, you may be expecting a baby and looking for a cruise to give you a relaxing break before all the hard work begins! Either way there are a few important factors to consider before making your decision.

Cruising can be a perfect holiday choice for mums to be as everything you need is all in one place, and easily accessible. Whether you fancy exploring the different ports, swimming or taking advantage of the spa, you can make your cruise as relaxing or as active as you choose, and with a wide variety of foods available 24 hours a day, cravings needn't be a concern either.

However, particularly if you are in the later stages of pregnancy, you need to bear in mind that some of the cruise lines may not allow you to travel, and furthermore, although there will be medical staff onboard, they may not have the facilities to deal with your specific needs or any complications that may occur during your pregnancy.

Each of the cruise lines have their own guidelines for pregnant passengers. These vary from 24 weeks to a more relaxed 28 weeks, with some just requesting that pregnant guests have a medical certificate stating that they are fit to travel.

Listed below are current guidelines for each cruise line;

The following cruise lines insist that passengers must not have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the time of disembarkation;
Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, Ocean Village Holidays, Orient Lines, P&O, Regent Seven Seas and Silversea.

Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises will not accept any passengers onboard who have entered their 27th week of pregnancy before or during the cruise.

Fred Olsen and MSC will not permit any passenger who is more than 28 weeks pregnant by the end of the cruise to sail.

Island Cruises advise that pregnant passengers should check with their doctors to find out if it is safe for them to travel. If passengers are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of the return flight, medical certificates are required. If passengers are more than 34 weeks pregnant at the time of their return flight they will not be able to travel.

Finally Thomson recommend that pregnant passengers who are less than 12 weeks pregnant should seek medical advice prior to travel, and require a medical certificate to confirm fitness to travel for any guests who are more than 28 weeks pregnant.

The above information should be used as a guide, and it is advised that you contact the cruise lines prior to booking in case of any changes to their policies. The majority of the cruise lines will require a medical certificate to confirm you are in a fit state to travel, even if you are within their guideline dates.

So that is the cruise guidelines, but what about the flights? If you are considering a fly cruise, you will also need to double check the airlines policy.

As a general rule, pregnant women are allowed to fly up to and including their 36th week, providing the pregnancy has been straightforward. International air transport association (IATA) guidelines state that pregnant women are allowed to fly in weeks 36 to 38 if the flying time does not exceed four hours.
However, many airlines will not carry pregnant women after 36 weeks so it is important to check with each individual airline before travel.

So now you know whether or not you're able to cruise, all that's left to worry about is how to deal with the combination of morning and sea sickness!

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Kerala Backwater Cruise

Anyone heard about the Great Barrier Reef of Australia ? Most of us would ask – who has not. Just like the Australia is known by the Great Barrier Reef, so is Kerala known by its backwaters. The Kettuvalloms – the Kayas (canals) – Kerala – Backwaters all are synonymous to each other. There is no other better identity of Kerala.

Small canals – kayas drawing into the sea make the backwater. The water turns salty with the water of the sea and this makes place for both – the fish and the rice. Both, the raw forms of food add beauty to the surrounding lands and thus the swampy marsh waters convert into the famous and beautiful Backwaters of Kerala. Having heard a lot, I moved on to the lands of Kettuvalloms – Alappuza.

Alappuza District is the USP of Kerala – selling like hot cakes. The backwaters and the owner of the Kettuvalloms – both being flexible make it more popular. Its the thine and the dine which works here. Flexible days, appropriate timings, good food from the Chefs dine and the air of the backwater makes a ride in the Keralas Kettuvalloms the best way spending a holiday. And so here I was for a Keralan Holiday in a Keralite way.

Fiddling through the pages of the various houseboats, I ticked on particular Houseboat – Cocoon as it was called, made a good way for the one traveller – that was me. Packing a 12 hr ride for Rs 1200/-, I sat my foot on Cocoon. With a crew of a Chef, a bearer and the Boat Driver we sat afoot on our ride on waters. The comfortable amiable Kettuvalloms with one kitchen, one room and a drawing room en – suite bathrooms was the best thing I had. And was there anything better I was asking for.

Setting off in the morning hour of 11 o clock, we sat towards Trikkunapuzha. Around 31 kms from Alappuza, it takes 4 hours by boat. Waving to other tourists moving in other directions, shouting in reply to the boys running on the shores and watching the chef trying to catch the freshwater fish, I went on the water. Lying down watching the clear blue sky and sipping some real coffee straight from the plantations got me the catch of the four hours. After reaching Trikkunapuzha and resting there for half an hour, we sat towards Krishnapuram. Here I was dropped down by the Boat Driver for sometime. My bearer took me to the most beautiful Palace of the town – Krishnapuram Palace. Around 30 minutes drive from the shore, the Palace is the reminder of Local king. Museum having the old swords and the kings dress, scriptures, artifacts from the Harrappan Civilization. There in the Palace is also the Mural – Gajendramoksham – the largest single Mural in Kerala. With the eyes on the wall paintings, we stepped back towards the boat. Another 30 minutes......

Back on the boat I found much relief from the sun. With the cool waves and the light atmosphere, there was no signs of light summer heat. Sitting in the Garden Chair,sipping the somewhat cool coconut water added to the comfort. As the Boat driver told me, we were on the Kayamkulam Lake and it would take another half an hour to reach the shores. The shores led to the small town called Kanjipadam. Kanjipadam is the place where i would be spending my night in the warmth of the Green Palace Health Resort. The Dinner was served here.

Next morning after the breakfast was served, I was back on Kettuvallom. Before being back on the boat – I took a package of the Ayurveda – something for which Kerala is so known. The tea on Board ( I prepared it ) and the Kerala Chips were refreshing. Again I could see the Boat moving slowly, through the waters. After three hours of cool swaying on the backwaters, we reached Champakulam. Here I was to see the Champakulams St. Mary Church. About 500 years old, this building is a charm in itself.

As afternoon was drawing in, the Chef laid down some of the exquisite delicacies of South India. With a spread of four chutneys ( Indian Sauces) and the dishes like Sambar Chawal, Idli Dosa, I had my fill. The lunch ended with a nicely brewed Filter Coffee.

It was time to lay down. Sitting near the edge of the houseboat, trying to touch the water, I was there watching the waters flow by, the sun slowly going down and the children running by the shore. I knew it was time to go.....

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Cruise Deals – Tell You Get the Best Cruise Deal and Save Money

A cruise has been once a simple idea for you to set up. Most you incurred for you to do appeared to be head off to your travel agent and check with only a few brochures. But for the reason that sector has grew it may be an overwhelming mix of itineraries, cruise services, options add-ons and additionally values. Hence how does one read through along with hunt for those presented information and facts to choose the best cruise deal? Those tips listed here will let chose the best cruise and also conserve your funds.

Cruise Deals - Tell You Get the Best Cruise Deal and Save Money

a person. The actual most frantic summer has long been Jan throughout March. That's where these cruise world textbooks the most cruises. Cruise lines commonly come up with related to 38 p'cent and health of their to choose from revenue currently. This can be the best the perfect time to look for several amazing and last minute deals given that they provide you with lots of incentives.

couple of. Be sure to start up properly in front of your trip or maybe holiday time whether you can unless you desire a last minute cruise deal. For starters you ought to call a cruise line you happen to be a lot of fascinated with and ask for the actual cruise line rep pertaining to any on their cruises as well as staterooms. You are able to enquire about handicapped-equipped staterooms after that if the tone is quotation that means require. It is easy to accomplish afterward to help go overly.

Perspiring deals they've functioning and make sure to understand these individuals your actual age and additionally what assert you reside within or simply if you are vacationing with a group of folks and some other several and / or include cruised utilizing cruise line prior to now. Truly include a flight? Do you want a fabulous family deal? It is because your unique predicament might possibly entitle an individual to get massive discounts. Bring regardless of the premium fond of an individual by its cruise line reputation since an individual's starting cost.

a variety of. Up coming read the Saturday magazine advertisements in the take a trip element and peruse for the purpose of cruise coupon. The larger metropolis newspaper publishers and the tabloids situated in or else not too distant of cruise departure urban centers are good for selecting very good or even cheap cruise deals. A person can rise to check your local library to see a ads when they bear the tv news records. A few regular broadsheets get a hold of there travel postings online.

have a look at. Check out typically the cruise arranging Web-sites. You can find cruise discount agencies which might develop the cheapest cruise rates found everywhere, regardless if everyone desire a luxury cruise and / or spending plan cruise. Significant travelling Web pages including Orbitz, Expedia and even Travelocity as a rule have great deals too. You too can uncover last-minute cruise deals way too. The cruise Net sites' selling prices are frequently reasonably the same. And also voyage niche sites are commonly related nevertheless considerably larger. Make sure to ask after any additional, mystery or hidden expenses, which include cancelling technology fine. These types of can cost somewhere between $40 not to mention $85.

some. Be sure you ask your cruise tour operator. Many people wish to have to do business with an important local travel agent or maybe are not the knowledgeable about getting acquainted with online. A choice in which it costs the latest visiting payment prior to you meet up with. A handful of prices are often refundable whether they e book an individual's cruise. When investing in plus the tour operator, articulate specifically what you are looking along with that you'll be judging charges. A reliable local travel agent is often very handy if you suffer from afflictions, illness issues, wonderful must have or perhaps demand visas or simply different legal documents.

7. Contemplate placing some "cruise wanted" listing for Craigslist . org online. Often be certain in addition to specific pertaining to what you would like. Subsequently sit by and additionally await response.

6. After you have a number of cruise line and / or cruise plan estimates look at him or her and attempt to get a lower price, extra discounts or else a handful of onboard extras.

Note that should you be best man same maintain in mind from the travel agent you will be obtaining belonging to the cruise line then you need to remain looking for the purpose of that best policy to any local travel agent is not preserving you some cash. That best cruise deal exists this really is simply best for you not to mention could save you money on your holiday very whether for the air conditioning Alaska, South america, the caribbean, Beautiful hawaii, this Bahamas, or perhaps Bermuda. You just need to perform a little study and don't take over initial deal apparently.

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Fishing In the Cold Water

What is not to like about cold winter months! The chilly temperature, the cold wind, ice every where, the air smelling like freshly baked cookies and cakes, lots of holiday cheer and so on. But ask a fisherman and he will give you more reasons of why he does not like the cold wintry months. This is the only time of the year when he cannot go fishing and that is what makes him unhappy. He packs his tackles and stores them away only to be taken out again as soon as the ice starts to melt away. But even then, ardent anglers look forward to some ice fishing, which has its own charm.

May be the water has not frozen yet and you want to fish in the cold water, there are certain ways to do so. You know that fish are cold blooded. They tend to slow down as the water temperature drops and their bodies get cooler. The fish naturally don't feed much, also when they feed, they don't move far or fast for food.  Instead they semi- bury themselves in a muddy bottom for some warmth and insulation from the mud. You will thus need a slower bait presentation to make fishing effective. Slow crank bait or a jig head artificial lures are found to be effective. But be patient.

A good trick to fish in cold is to look for fish in deeper water. Fish have more brains than we give them credit for. They migrate to slightly warmer water like in creeks, channel cuts etc. What do we do when it is cold? We go indoors to get warmer and avoid the cold. The fish does the same thing- only in water. If you are planning to fish in the cold water, you have to be very patient. It could take hours before you actually hook a fish or two- so be prepared.

Another useful tip is to look for shallow flats. Shallow water will warm up in sun lit days, the bait fish will swim up to the warmer waters with the predator fish right behind them! At high tides aim for mud flats and grass flats. If you wait till 2 or 3 in the afternoon and allow the sun to warm up the shallower water, and the fish to move onto these flats, you are creating a good fishing condition. Now that the water is comparatively warm, your lure selection will also vary. Matching what the fish are feeding is a good idea. Shrimp, crabs and small bait fish are your trump cards. You can consult local fishing guides for more detailed info.

Biologists tell us that the fish ‘feed up' ahead of a cold front. The water is stirred and the bait becomes harder to locate and catch due to the winds and storms. So, the fish become a little active and feed ahead of the cold front as they know they won't be feeding until the front is over. This is your cue to go fishing ahead of the cold front and make the most of it. Therefore, it is a smart move to watch the weather and plan a fishing trip accordingly.

Go out fishing when the weather has warmed up a bit and the sun is right and shinning, try and follow these above tips to catch some fish in the cold water. Then, even you would have a reason to like cold wintry months!

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Single Women Looking For Rich Men

It is no doubt that thousands of single women looking for rich men use the internet dating sites to find their dream mate. Rich men dating sites are popular because they helped thousands of women seeking wealthy men found their perfect mate. The main reasons that these single women seeking rich men are that they want to drive in expensive cars, live in luxury villas, eat in expensive restaurants, fly on private jet, and so on. All right, most of women like to date or marry wealthy men. However, each lady has her own destiny. Some ladies were born in a poor family but found rich men for marriage and became wealthy and vice verse. So, destiny is destiny, but you can change it, can't you?

Single women are drawn to these online wealthy dating sites because of the money factor. Certainly, rich men who advertise their personal ads on these dating websites have one purpose, they want to find beautiful women for relationship and marriage. No rich man can ever like to date an ugly lady. However, every woman is beautiful, unless she does not know to make her pretty and lovely. In addition, in order to win the heart from a rich guy, you must be also smart. Trust me, your intelligence is the main factor to win his heart. Wealthy men are looking for pretty women who know how to respect them and treat them well. It does not mean that you have to say "Yes" all the time. You know what I mean?

Wealthy men dating sites have connected thousands lovely women with rich men all over the world. These sites permit all singles who are searching for relationship online. So, these online dating websites are attracted to wealthy men and beautiful women who sign up themselves to find each other online. To tell you the truth, most of these male profiles are really true that they are rich, but some are not. You must understand that. So, it is recommended that you just use general dating sites to sign up a profile with. Specific wealthy dating services don't have much singles to join. However, if you use general singles dating websites, then you have more change to find a rich guy.

Most of beautiful single women dream of being swept off their feet by a rich guy who will carry them away to a life of luxury materials. However, not all ladies obtain their dream. Some of them must accept the truth that their dream is impossible. However, be patient and confident about looking for rich man online, you will get it. Every body has a dream. When it comes to love, relationship and marriage, every woman dreams of dating or marrying a wealthy and handsome guy. So, make sure your dream comes true. Don't give up. There are thousands of rich men dating women who signed up at these online dating services, take action to find one today.

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Cruisin' Motorhome Rentals Relocation Deals

If you're looking for cheap and convenient motorhome or campervan hire in Australia, Cruisin' Motorhomes can assist you with one of their amazing annual relocation deals.

Relocations give you the opportunity to enjoy an economical motorhome getaway for just a small rental fee of $5.00 a day. All you have to do is relocate the vans from one of the company's branches to another and with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston and Devonport you are sure to see some of Australia's most iconic sights along the way.

"This deal is a great way to offer people a cheap holiday in one of our high quality campervans or motorhomes. We need people to relocate our vehicles and what better way to do it than give others a chance to relocate and enjoy a scenic holiday at the same time?" said Brett Lucas, manager of Cruisin Motorhomes Pty Ltd.

We offer a great deal on our wide range of campervans and rv's, it's not the campervan or rv's that you're paying for, it's the experience of seeing the most wonderful places in Australia in a comfortable motorhome. Renting a motorhome is a one-of-a-kind experience that Cruisin' Motorhomes can offer you.

Cruisin' allows its customers six days of hire at $5.00 a day and throws in some added bonuses to make the trip more comfortable and affordable. Customers travelling to Tasmania from the mainland are offered a free Ocean Recliner Seat on the Spirit of Tasmania as well as the possibility of a $200.00 fuel allowance.

"We also give our customers the option of extending the relocation by three days for a heavily discounted rental price. This allows them to see more of Australia's fantastic attractions on the way," said Brett.

Cruisin' Customers relocating from Brisbane and Sydney will witness some of Australia's most spectacular coastline. On your way to the dazzling Apple Isle stopover at magical Byron Bay with its laid back surf culture and array of things to do and see. Experience the hustle and bustle of lively Sydney and take a tour of the world-famous Harbour and Opera House. Spend the night in Melbourne and visit one of St Kilda's quirky cafes and iconic Luna Park before getting lost in one of the many shops of this fashion capital.

Cruisin Motorhomes provides the most comfortable and quality motorhome in Australia, while relocating from Brisbane and Sydney, you will be relaxed like you're just sitting at your couch or drinking a coffee on your porch while travelling and seeing wonderful places.

Touring Australia with our Australian RV rental will give you the freedom to travel at your own pace, if you are looking for a family holiday, romantic honeymoon, roadtrip with friends, or a retirement present this service is a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Experience a rugged ride along the famous Bass Strait before arriving in the natural oasis of Tasmania. Enjoy a scenic drive through the state's rugged north and down the wonderful east coast. Be sure to visit Freycinet on the way with its awe-inspiring views from Wineglass Bay Lookout – don't forget to take a camera! Port Arthur is an easy stopover on the route to Hobart and is a World Heritage Listed area and the largest open air museum in Australia. Here you will witness unique convict ruins and learn about Tasmania's rich history.

Arrive in Tasmania's scenic capital of Hobart and explore all the city has to offer. Drive up iconic Mt Wellington and experience amazing views from 1,271 metres high. Walk along the picturesque wharf precinct and peruse the many art galleries and cafes. Take a quick tour to Hobart's famous Museum of Modern Art (MONA) and witness Australia's largest privately funded museum. At the end of a long day of sightseeing return the motorhome or campervan to Cruisin' Head Office.

"People who relocate the motorhomes and campers love the experience. We get repeat customers every year who want to try a different relocation and enjoy the benefits of having a fantastic modern motorhome for just $5.00 a day."

If you're interested in being part of this magnificent deal call Cruisin' on 1300 44 66 85 or monitor the Cruisin Motorhome Rentals Facebook Page for updates and let your fun-filled relocation adventures begin.

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