Dholera SIR Project- Rs. 3,000 crore sanctioned towards development of Dholera SIR

Dholera was a blueprint till the time this grant was made and infrastructure activities have suddenly paced up in the region. An activation area of 22 square kilometer has been chosen for development of trunk infrastructure work. The land for this area has been provided by Gujarat state government as a contribution towards this project.

Rs. 3,000 crore grantshas been sanctioned by theDelhi Mumbai-Industrial Corridor Corporation (DMICDC) Trust which serves as government's nodal agency or development of DMIC project.Dholera Special Investment Region is situated along the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor and shall be the first smart city to be developed in India. It is being planned in phases with a total of three phases that shall be built over a decade each. Project completion is expected in 2040. However seeing the aggression and pace at which the developments are taking place currently, it would not be surprising to see the project beating its deadline.

Dholera shall be well connected to all major cities of Gujarat and India through rail, road and metro. A six lane expressway has been approved that shall connect Dholera SIR to Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. A metro route spanning 100 kilometers of length is also under development and shall be built in two phases. A dedicated railway line is also being built and Dholera's nearness to the port also gives it accessibility via sea routes making it a lucrative investment option. A new international airport is also being developed at Dholera and is expected to accommodate the ever increasing passengers who currently rely on Ahmedabad airport for travelling. Ahmedabad airport is expected to get saturated by 2020 and Dholera airport shall then serve as back up for it.

A trusted source in the Gujarat state government confirmed that "it's been decided that node/city level SPVs will be formed for the project with an initial equity contribution of Rs 250 crores by the DMIC Trust. The remainder of the trust's equity will be released in tranches based on expenditure phasing of the funds released earlier. A total of around Rs 3,000 crore for the Dholera SIR Project has been sanctioned in principle. Tenders for around Rs 350 crore for flood mitigation and control and other infrastructure are expected to be announced in the next few days. The Rs 2,800 crore project for a six-lane expressway between Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar, covering the Dholera SIR area, is also expected to start in the next few months."

All necessary approvals have also fallen in place with environmental clearance for Dholera SIR being granted recently and the proposal for Dholera International Airport being cleared by civil aviation.

Things seen to be moving in desired direction and Modi's dreams shall be seen taking off within a short span.


Source by Sonia

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