Types of Boats for Freshwater Fishing

From simple kayaks to 50+ mph bass boats, there is a freshwater fishing boat for every application.

- Belly boats are one form of "boat" used in freshwater fishing. These odd craft are basically a set of chest waders combined with floatation to form a wearable means of moving thru the water. These are popular among fishermen that target fish near shore in small ponds or along sheltered shorelines.

- Kayaks are extremely popular for freshwater fishing. These simple craft move silently and effortlessly, going where other boats cannot venture. Kayak fishermen fish for bass, catfish, panfish and other freshwater fish.

- Canoes are another light weight boat used in freshwater fishing. They are often kept at summer cabins where they can be launched easily and used to explore lakes and creeks. When necessary, canoes can be moved over land to reach otherwise inaccessible waterways.

- Jon boats are popular styles of freshwater fishing boats. Made from aluminum, they are light, durable and require very little maintenance. Simple versions offer built in seating and are designed to accept small electric or gas powered engines. Smaller jon boats can be slid into a pickup truck, transported into remote areas and launched by hand.

- Small molded boats are another lightweight, portable option. Many of these feature a pontoon or catamaran shape and are light enough to be transported and launched by one or two anglers. Some units accept electric motors for propulsion.

- Open skiffs are a classic type of fishing boat. They are common on northern lakes and other sheltered areas where anglers fish for species such as musky, northern pike and lake trout. These boats usually have few features except a motor, bare seats and room for 2-4 anglers.

- Bass boats are modern craft, equipped with an array of technology. These low sided boats are stable, but incredibly fast. Most feature raised decks, large outboard engines, a front mounted trolling motor and full electronics. As their name implies, they are used extensively for catching largemouth bass.

- Pontoon boats are often used for freshwater fishing. These large platforms are perfect for family vacations. They offer plenty of room, shade and comfortable seating. Although most are slow, they are very popular among anglers.

- Center consoles are hardcore fishing boats. Usually set up for saltwater fishing, they are also used extensively on larger lakes, rivers and other waterways. Their speed and ability to endure harsh weather makes them a good choice for some applications.

- Cuddy cabins are another choice for large bodies of water. These full featured boats offer a cabin below for shelter and storage. Most models are powered by large outboard, inboard-outboard or shaft drive engines.

- Air boats are popular in southern swamps and marshes. Although noisy when underway, they are able to travel over waters that are filled with stumps, logs, aquatic vegetation and other hazzards.

- Sportfishermen are the largest boats used for freshwater fishing. These mammoth boats have the size and safety features to handle severe weather on lakes, large rivers and coastal estuaries.

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