The Gulfstream GIV SP – It's The Choice Of The Jet Set

The private jet market is small by comparison to that of buying a car. This is not your average sale. It is about making a commitment to everything that you have achieved. It is an investment in your present and in your future. Investing a private jet for corporate or private use is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make, and with a thriving market in many of the world's top brands, you will need to be guided through the process by a professional jet broker.

The Gulfstream GIV SP  is one of the world's most luxury forms of air transport. The SP stands for ‘special performance' and this private jet really lives up to that name with its design and performance. Launched in 1995 as one of the ultimate additions to the family that was started with the launch of the original Gulfstream IV back in 1985. This aircraft has an unsurpassed safety and reliability record across all of the flights. This is not just a convenient way to get around. The Gulfstream IV SP has been awarded over 67 flight records since it has been in existence. The reliability rate of this ultra-jet has made it the aircraft of choice for many corporations across the world. Perhaps the largest fleet of Gulfstream's is owned by the enigmatic and genius entrepreneur Warren E. Buffet. The company Net Jets operates a fleet of eight Gulfstreams. The choice of superstars and corporate executives, you know you are travelling in good company when you step into the luxury and speed of a Gulfstream IV SP.

Powered by the Rolls Royce designed engines, the Gulfstream has a range of over 4200 nautical miles, which makes it the way to travel if you spend a lot of time in Europe on business or pleasure. Capable of landing on the world shortest runways, owning a Gulfstream, gives you access to the world's most private and exclusive airports. From the pristine shores of Hawaii to the pomp and ceremony of London. You are assured that your private jet will get you there on time, every time. The cabin can carry up to 13 passengers in style, comfort and luxury, which makes the travel time such a pleasure. It has a larger cabin and more space than most of the private jets in this price range, which makes it the ultimate choice for luxury travel both for business and pleasure.

It is best to let a professional jet broker advise you in the search for a private jet. At L & L International, you will have the largest network of professional service providers in the world of international air travel. The professional consultants will guide you through the entire process, with skill and attention to your personal needs and requirements. With over $1 billion dollars in transactions in just 18 months, this company that has been at the forefront of the private jet market since 1995, and is the perfect choice to make when you need a partner in your quest for a Gulfstream IV SP.

Source by R.W. Goldberg

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