Flexible Trips – Buy Airline Tickets Early and Find Some Really Cheap Flights!

Check this out! Today there are many tools for acquiring some "awesome" airline tickets, but you should know that you won't be flying first class. Aside from the online sites, there are many traditional ways of finding cheap flights.

1. Analyze all the prices from 3 airports that are located the nearest from you. For example, flights from or to Baltimore/Washington can often prove to be really cheap flights in comparison with Dulles or Reagan. All you have to do is, therefore, keep your area of choices wide open, analyze all the supply available on the airline tickets market and do this for both destination and home airport. A helping hand for you in this matter are some of the search engines available online that are specially designed to do this for you, if you don't have the time or the necessary mood to do all these "investigations" all by yourself.

2. If your trip involves crossing the mid-Atlantic corridor, you should take the train. This is often a relatively luxurious alternative that helps you save money and that is always preferable to cattle-car flights. It is, as well, way faster than traveling by car or plane when congestion or bad weather conditions lead to never-ending traffic delays that can mess up all of your plans and ruin your day.

3. Overshoot. And that is more indicated especially if you have as a destination a hub city, such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York, etc. Search carefully for cheap flights to minor destinations on airlines that use your target city as a hub. And don't check any bags!

4. Try to have an airline employee as a friend. It is a very clever and handy way – as well as the only one discovered by now – of flying on cheap flights. This is called a "buddy fare" and is exclusively on a space available basis.

5. As a final option, consider driving, or if you are a person that gets tired easily, you can always take the bus. After all, you are planning to go on vacation and why not make the most of your spare time if you are not in a hurry?

For international flights or between major US cities, you should check non-US airlines like Air France, Air New Zealand and others, whose quality may prove to be much better for the same price as a US flight and there are two great ways of doing this:

1. When you consider traveling internationally, you should search for an agency, a real live agency that is located in a neighborhood having a high percentage of citizens from the country that you are traveling to. These types of agencies buy out grand chunks of a flight, that giving you the opportunity of getting cheap flights.

2. Give a quick reading to the American Express website. It has not been proved yet what kind of mysterious factor determines what I am about to share with you, but their fares are almost always the cheapest around that you can find after scouring all the other places regarding airline tickets and cheap flights.

If you consider going on a trip either for business or for pleasure, the most important thing is to know to shop for airline tickets early Wednesday mornings because that is the time of the week when the airlines regularly release new airline tickets/fares. It is true: they chance prices constantly, but on Wednesday mornings there is some kind of special renewal of prices.

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