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What You Should Know About Shipping

International Shipping

Shipping is an international business and people dealing with chartering have to work with conditions prevailing day by day in the international freight market

Forms of transport available for transporting goods

There are 70000merchant ships in the world/ Some of these are general cargo ships. Others are specialized and are used for carrying one kind of cargo such as oil or bananas while others may be used for passengers or holiday cruises. Byt because people travel mostly by air nowadays the old passenger liners have gone out of service. However it is still possible to travel by sea on a cargo boat (freighter) which has passenger accommodation.

Kinds of ships

The Bulk and Tweendeckers
Special ships used for transporting variations of the important bulk cargoes like coal, grain, ores, concentrates, scrap, steel, cement, phosphates, fertilizers, lumber, woodchips , cars. Modern bulk carriers whith technically sophisticated equipment can also be used for the transportation of unitized cargoes of various kinds, like paper and pulp and also for containers.
Tweendeckers are used on one hand for shipments of all kind of bagged commodities, e.g. rice, sugar, cement and fertilizers, and on the other hand as supplementary or «extra» vessels for the regular lines.

Container ships
This market is limited. This traffic requires large investments in specially equipped vessels, port installations and terminal equipment, technically advanced inland transportation system in both sides.

The roll onroll off ships
Used for carrying all types of commodities, placed on wheeled platforms or flats which may be handled be the use of folk-lift trucks. Does not requires any special port equipment for unloading cargo.

Liner traffic is a firmly controlled activity where remuneration is fixed well in advance.

The feeder ships
Small sized vessels employed in a more or less strictly scheduled feeder traffic.

Special ships
Heavy-lift carriers built with the special demands on stability and constructional strength.
Barges and Pontoons used for the transport of heavy material, e/g/ built-up drilling rigs, discharging platforms between an ocean-going ship and the guay.

The tankers
Very Large Crude Carriers and Ultra Large Crude Carriers are used for transporting crude oil, while product tankers less sized to carry refined products, e.g. gas oil, fuel oil, paraffin wax, lubricating oils, etc.
There are also special carriers for liquid chemicals of various kind.
The refrigerated ships
An important spot market for perishable goods – seasonal.

The passenger ship
Nowadays is almost vanished and used for carrying rolling cargoes and for a short distance trade.

The Freight market
The freight market is not a uniform market. It does not have a homogenous connection whith specific geographical area but rather with ships that can carry similar types of cargoes.

There are some deferent ways of making agreements between owner of the ship and charterer. Usually they negotiate through the intermediary of representatives called shipbrokers. They even can never meet each other. Usually sides apply to the world markets for shipping such as the Baltic Exchange in London.
Chartering in full: according to capacity of the ship, and then charterer controls hole vessel.
Space charter: there are several charterers of one vessel.
The voyage charter may cover a single voyage or several consecutive voyages.
The time charter under which the owner puts the vessel at the disposal of the charterer for a certain period of time and can not control the commercial operation of the ship, but however the owner is still responsible for maintenance, nautical operation and the supervision of the cargo.
The Bareboat Charter: this contract amounts to a lease of the ship from the owner to the charterer.
Contract of Affreightment : the owner promises to carry for the charterer during a specified period of time a large quantity of goods between certain ports. And it is up to owner to decide what vessel is the most suitable for charterers cargo.
Management agreements: If the owner has no idea how to to make his ship profitable he can entrust the vessel to manager who will guide all commercial activity of the vessel for a period of time.

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Delph Fishing Charters – Exciting Fishing Key West Florida

Key West is 129 miles Southwest of Miami, Florida. It has great weather and also has the Key West International Airport which provides airline service. It is a very beautiful and charming place, where people came from all over the world. As there are, many hobbies of the people like making money online, playing games etc. Fishing is one of them, and people can take a keen interest in fishing.

Key West is one of the world's popular fishing destinations. Delph Fishing Charters takes you fishing from the Key West, Florida to the Dry Tortugas and beyond.

People enjoy fishing here as the tropical Atlantic waters of the Caribbean meet the bountiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These create a pristine estuary and fishing paradise in between.

A legendary family of fishing guides, the Delphs, has called this place home for over 50 years. They have transformed Light Tackle Fishing into a work of art with over 300 IGFA World Records and countless tournament wins to their name.

Delph Key West Boat Charters specializes in Blue Water Fishing, Flats and Backcountry Fishing, Reef and Wreck Fishing, Fly Fishing, Sail fishing, Marlin Fishing, Bill Fishing, Daytime Sword fishing, Tuna Fishing, Shark Fishing Trips, Tarpon, Permit and Bone fishing, Snapper and Grouper Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Kite Fishing, Deep Drop and Deep Sea Fishing Charters. So whether you're interested in fishing the third largest living reef in the world in Dry Tortuga National Park or ready to claim the next IGFA world record, you are sure to see what has made Delph Fishing Charters legendary. We bring you exciting adventures with Fishing Key West Florida.

The Dry Tortugas are a small group of islands that lie 65 nautical miles due West from Key West FL. Because of their isolation, the water still shows its aquamarine tones even at the sheltered anchorage on the south side of the famous Fort Jefferson. Dry Tortugas National Park is the most remote and least visited of our national parks; it is accessible only by boat or seaplane. The Fort reeks with history and is a must see while charter fishing the Florida Keys and Key West.

Though this Fishing Key West Florida vacation must be planned a year in advance, the use of a "Mother ship" for overnight fishing trips is the preferred method of Dry Tortugas fishing charters. We fish our way down to the Fort, where we are met that evening by the mother ship and have all of the amenities of home. Warm meals, clean beds, air conditioning, showers etc., all for only a little more than the price of a good motel and meals on land in Key West. A full day of fishing Dry Tortugas still leaves time for some afternoon snorkeling in the pristine waters around the island, and afterwards: a tour of Fort Jefferson before watching the southernmost sunset blazing over Loggerhead Key. The evenings are spent reminiscing over the past Dry Tortugas fishing trip and playing with the fish that are attracted to the lights around the boat. We will make our way back, fishing the keys all the way home the next day.

Delph Fishing Charters is a Fishing Charter company. Our main offerings include: Wreck Fishing and Bluewater Fishing charters for your deep sea and shallow water fishing trips with Key West Boat Charters.

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Charter Boats for You Fishing Experience

Offshore boat fishing, additionally called remote ocean fishing, is the fishing done in profound water which is normally more than 30 meters far from the area. It is viewed as more compelling contrasted with some shallow water fishing or lake water fishing. More definite information is about climate examples, course and wellbeing safeguards is fundamental. This is not movement prescribed for learners.

Offshore Fishing

Offshore boats are much greater than other fishing boats, and it have to be set in marina. They are developed firmly so they can withstand the climate and merciless water conditions in untamed waters of remote ocean. In any case, it varies in outline as its motivation and costs differ generally. They are by and large excessive to construct and keep up which is dissimilar to different boats. Most Offshore recreational fishing fans sanction boats instead of own them. It is regularly considered as interest movement, and henceforth there is an interest for sanction boats prepared lavish accomplices to make action more fun. There are generally benefit which are accessible on the off chance that somebody needs to contract boats. In spots like Miami where fishing is more prominent, Miami Offshore fishing sanction administration gives some astounding remote ocean fishing knowledge.

Offshore fish incorporates marlin and fish, which could be extensive, and substantial to handle. Offshore fishing is normally done with ocean bars, in the same way as downtide poles, with lines, which weigh 30 to 50 pounds and accompanies multiplier reels. Lures are like those utilized within inshore fishing, which incorporate squid and mackerel with simulated draws, for example, advantages. Offshore fishing is carried out over reefs and a wrecks for discovering vast cod, ling, congers and so on.

Contract alternatives

For contracting fishing, sanction relies on upon the season, climate, and angler's inclination. How about we see a few situations which are great .

• Blowing wind of 15-20 bunches, ocean waves of 4-6 feet and air temperatures in the 50's. This is an immaculate condition for kite fishing for sailfish at the edge of the reef. Also, these conditions can bring about enormous gets of sailfish. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are novice fishers, or youngsters, these conditions are perilous and compelling for you.

• The same conditions that assistance in sailfish fishing are likewise useful for enormous fishing of mackerel, which is carried out in closer region of shore, or we can say in the ensured waters of the straight.

• In warm summer day, winds are variable around five bunches, oceans waver are at 1 foot or less, air temperatures ascends to 90's. This might be the best conceivable day to fish Offshore in prospect for mahi-mahi. These smooth conditions make it conceivable to dive deep in the ocean looking for blue water desert spring's weed lines, profound water tear ebbs and flows, coasting garbage and fledglings. Be that as it may, extended periods in the hot sun may not no problem for everybody particularly on the off chance that you have effectively used you days tanning on Miami's be

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6 Fun Ways To Make That Long Flight More Bearable

Here are some ideas for making a long flight more interesting and fun. They include going by charter plane, playing cards or solitaire, bringing an interactive electronic game or your MP3 player to entertain yourself, planing to relax during the flight and perking up with something a little more active towards the end of your flight.

A long flight may cause you to become exhausted. Even if you are taking a New York charter flight, you might eventually find yourself doing nothing and becoming bored and anxious as the minutes and hours go by. If you, however, take your distant flight well prepared, it might be a enjoyable experience. Here are certain tips which can help you in enjoying a long flight:

You will need to have your mp4 player on you

Portable mp4 players allow you to store and play back various media. You can carry your mp4 player with you on board, if you have one. Amusement is just a click away with this. Remember to fetch your headphones and be sure to save as many movies as you can ahead of time. Also include your favorite music to play when you're done watching movies or if you feel like relaxing.

You could spend the first couple of hours of the flight playing electronic games to keep you occupied

The first few hours of your trip is when your energy is at its peak. Because of this, something requiring concentration like a hand-held video game may interest you. It might be a good idea to have a challenging game on your laptop to play if you bring it. A hand-held gaming console may also be utilized during your trip.

Take along a pack of cards

You can enjoy hours of fun without power and flashing lights with a simple deck of cards. The move-able tray in front of you allows you to easily play your favorite card games. Or perhaps ask the person sitting next to you, if familiar, to join you? Creative wagers have the benefit of making things more interesting.

Do something relaxing towards the middle of the flight

The middle part of your trip is usually the most tedious and difficult time to pass. Doing something relaxing at this point can help to a nap come on. If reading makes you bit sleepy then ensure to bring along a book. Since a few of the individuals are more prone to fall asleep to the sound of other individuals chatting, so you can also opt to listen soothing music or an audio book.

Engage in things that stimulate you when the flight is about to end

It's good to feel rejuvenated towards the end of a flight, so you won't be groggy or disoriented as you prepare to get off the plane. Keep your mind active and agile by exercising it to keep it that way, such as reading regularly. If you brought work along it may keep you preoccupied.

Just opt to travel via charter plane

You can enjoy the experience of flying by a Charter Plane with absolute comfort and privacy. Unlike other commercial airlines, charter planes serve more airports thus can save you time and make things more convenient for you. For example, using a New York charter flight while accompanying your business associates, a private meeting can easily be held without the worry of others on board.

If you put a little creativity and resourcefulness, you will be able to convert long flights into unforgettable and enjoyable experiences. 0Mw9-i9Ho

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Deep Sea Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing Guide to Miami Charters

If you’re going for a deep sea fishing trip, one great destination would be Miami. This city is filled to the brim with numerous thrilling entertainment opportunities. Starting from its immaculate white sand beaches up to its world class museums, Miami would never run out of activities to cater you.

Nevertheless, one of the most popular activities in Miami would be deep sea fishing. It is an exquisite  spot for such an activity because of the "Gulf stream", which is a river that is part of the Atlantic Ocean originating from the Gulf of Mexico’s warm currents.

The slightly warmer currents of this stream are actually utilized as a highway for different kinds of migrating fish. You can choose from a great variety of fishes, small or big. The most popular choices include: pan fishes, big game fishes, kingfish, and sailfish. These and many more are prevalent in Miami’s turquoise waters.

Although there’s a lot of deep sea fishing charters that are available coming from Ft. Lauderdale going to Miami, there are those that stand out, which have credible reputations for class, comfort and catch!

Reel Adventure Charters

First off is Reel Adventure Charters; in which you have "Spellbound", a 56 ft charter fishing boat. It is considered to be the number 1 charter fishing boat around Miami Beach, for whatever kind of fishing activity you are into; whether it be light tackle fishing, deep sea charter to big game fishing.

From the docks of Reel Adventure Charters, you’ll be in the Gulf Stream in no time! In fact it only takes about 10 minutes travel time to go to the stream. This advantage in distance makes their record for big catches quite an impressive one.

Charters are very comfortable, usually with a maximum of 6 people. If you’ll be having a party of 2 or 3 only, you can then arrange for "split charters". They provide you with everything you need, except for your drinks and food.

Sea Cross Sportfishing

If you want a charter with the best modern gadgets and comfort, then the Sea Cross would be perfect for you. Their Custom Rigged Hatteras Sportfishing Yacht would definitely amaze you with all their amenities, such as live well, outriggers, full air conditioning,top-of-the-line tackle and rods, and state of the art electronic gadgets. In fact, they are fully specked and ready to travel anywhere starting from the Florida Keys up to the Bahamas!

They can definitely make your fishing dreams true! They have specialist personnel that have the skills necessary for you to find exactly whatever it is you are looking for. They specialize in all kinds of fishing adventures, such as tarpon to sailfish. They also provide services like long range weekend trips, split charters, multi-boat charters, corporate charters, and night fishing.

Free Spool Sportfishing

Situated at Miami Beach's north end, Haulover Bay, you can find Free Spool. Their captain, a premiere fishing guide in Miami area, has been helping people to fish since 1986. Whether you’re interested in fishing the reef, shallows, or off-shore, He could bring you there.

Keys and Bahamas trips can also be arranged. However, they do not have "split charters", meaning once you book for the boat, you would have it all for yourself; no more fishing with strangers. They can arrange full or half day charters, for a maximum of 4 people. So if you are looking for a really exquisite adventure with an expert "old school" captain, try out Free Spool!

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Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs – An Alternative To Commercial Airlines

If you think that the major airlines are the only job possibilities for flight attendants, then you're missing out on one of the fastest growing areas in the aviation industry. In the wake of 9/11, many of the major airlines cut back on flights in reaction to the decreased demand for air travel among the general public. In response, many corporations have turned to either manning their own mini-air forces, or to hiring smaller airlines for their business and corporate trips. If you've never considered corporate flight attendant jobs, the differences may surprise you.

Salaries vary for corporate flight attendant jobs, but are generally better than commercial flight attendant jobs.

First, the nitty-gritty. Expect that those hiring for corporate flight attendant jobs will be looking for experienced flight attendants - two or more years in flight experience is the norm. You may need to relocate to be where the corporate flight attendant jobs are - the big jobs in corporate flying are in Los Angeles and New York. That said, the salaries for corporate flight attendants tend to run between $33,000 and $100,000 depending on the type of company for which you fly. There are several types of players in the corporate flight arena:

Fractional Operators are airlines that service several corporations, giving each business partial ownership of the airline. They'll generally pay the least of all the corporate operators, though there are exceptions. Starting salaries are in the $30,000 range, depending on flight miles logged. Many fractional operators don't require any previous corporate flight attendant training, and will train you to their own specifications. Each company has its own requirements, to which you'll have to adapt. One other advantage to working for a fractional operator is that where you live may not be as important, as they'll often allow you to airline to meet up with a plane.

Charter Operators pay a bit more as a general rule. Corporate flight attendant jobs with charter operators often offer a starting salary of $40,000. Charters let their aircrafts and crews for individual runs rather than having them on standby for part owners or full owners, therefore you're likely to log more in air hours than with either other model. The actual salary that you're offered will depend on your experience and the location of the hiring company, but the average salary for corporate flight attendants working for charter operators is $53,000.

Owner Operators are companies that own their own aircraft and staff them with their own employees. The salaries vary widely from company to company, as do the expected duties. Corporate flight attendants working for an owner operated corporate airline may make as little as $25,000 - and be expected to do everything from take dictation to serve coffee - or as much as $100,000 if they supervise other flight attendants.

One other thing that deserves mention is the possibly of flying 'contract'. Much like working long-term temp nursing or other assignments, a contract corporate flight attendant is available to work on a contract basis through an assignment agency. Pay is often $350 and up per diem when you're on assignment, and may include transportation to and from the flight's originating city and a meals allowance.

Corporate flight attendant jobs are often considered to be the elite jobs in the flight crew world. If you're interested in corporate flight attendant jobs, you'll find more information by joining a discussion forum devoted to flight attendants and crew.

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Black Pearl Liveaboard Holiday Review

Choosing the Black Pearl Liveaboard

Having already been scuba diving in the Maldives, my friends knew that the best way to explore as many dive sites as possible in our 2-week holiday was to go on a liveaboard holiday.  It is also the cheapest way to see the Maldives, considering the prices of these amazing resorts.  The nice ones can run at way over USD 500 each night!  The last time my friends visited, they booked through a company called Maldives Dive Travel and had been really happy with the trip, so we decided to go with them again.  Looking at the Maldives Dive Travel site and other similar sites, I noticed that Maldives Dive Travel has the best selection of liveaboard boats and the site is really user-friendly.  You can see loads of photos of the boats and all the information you really need.  The Black Pearl is one of the cheaper boats that they offer, which is a big part of why we chose it.  All we really care about is the scuba diving and having a lot of fun in a group, so the Black Pearl was perfect for us.

Black Pearl Liveaboard Facilities

The Black Pearl really has everything you could need on a scuba diving holiday and more.  The Black Pearl holds 14 people comfortably and there were 12 in our group, so we had a little extra space. Of the 12, 10 of us were scuba divers.  I was a little concerned for the non-diving members of the group because I didn't know what they were going to do all day, but they had a great time relaxing on the boat, sunbathing and snorkelling while we were diving.  There are other activities on Black Pearl that we all took part in, a part from scuba diving like fishing – it was great when we caught some tuna and the chef would prepare it ‘sashimi-style' with ginger and soy and we would all tuck in.  There's really nothing like the taste of fresh tuna, especially when you catch it yourself!!!

The rooms on Black Pearl are very comfortable; all have en-suite, hot water bathrooms, air-conditioning and exterior windows so you can see the amazing blue water all the time during your holiday.  There is a nice communal living area with a bar – fully stocked, thank goodness, and a dining area.  There are comfortable sun-loungers to relax in while you are not diving.  It is quite a big boat, just less than 100 feet, and so even with 12 guests and all the crew on board, it never felt crowded.

Black Pearl Service and Food

After the scuba diving, the food in the Maldives was probably the next biggest highlight for me.  We were served three meals every day, plus afternoon snacks and there was plenty of food.  As you know, scuba diving really works up a hunger (and a thirst), but the catering on the Black Pearl totally satisfied!  Most meals included fresh fish and rice, all cooked to perfection.  The chef does a good job of combining international cuisine with local Maldivian specialties, so we all got to try new things, without being thrown out of our comfort zones.  There were no complaints from our party on the Black Pearl, and all our plates were always clean at the end of the meals.  The bar also got a "thumbs up" from our group.  We drank mainly beer, but there was a full selection of wine and liquor on board.

As far as service is concerned, the Black Pearl did a great job.  All the crew members were really friendly and the dive instructors were informative and inspired confidence.  They knew everything about the dive sites we visited each day and all about the animals we saw under the water.  They were also all really down to earth and genuinely excited for us and our new diving experiences.  I liked this; so many times the dive instructors can be aloof and behave as if they are superior.

Black Pearl Itinerary

The Black Pearl offers 7 and 12-night holidays.  Since our trip to the Maldives was a 14-night trip, we did the 12-day Black Pearl diving safari and then spent two nights at the W Hotel Retreat to finish off the holiday and rest our weary scuba diving bodies.  Upon arriving at Male Airport, we were collected at the airport and taken to the Black Pearl.  As soon as everyone was on board, the ship set sail and headed off towards the first dive site.  When we got there, to Lion's Head, we took our initial "status" dive which helps the dive instructors and dive masters understand what level everyone is at and if you hadn't dived for a while, like me, it serves as a great refresher.  The Black Pearl personnel are obviously conscious of everyone's safety which was really reassuring. We took 2 or 3 dives each day and one night dive, for a total of 30 dives throughout the trip.  It sounds like a lot of scuba diving, but I think it was the perfect amount and it satisfied our ‘cravings' for another few months, at least!

Black Pearl Diving

The diving in the Maldives was definitely first-class.  What was great about the Black Pearl and all other dive boats was that there was a second boat accompanying the Black Pearl, called a Dhoni, where we kept all the equipment.  We used this boat to actually take the dives which made the whole experience more comfortable.  Some people brought their own equipment, although the majority of us hired the equipment from the Black Pearl and it was all in great condition – no complaints here.  As far as marine life goes, we saw some amazing things, including the most important creatures in the Maldives – the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.  We also saw turtles, dolphins, moray eels, reef sharks, barracuda, nurse sharks and a whole array of fish, from massive napoleon wrasse to tiny Oriental Sweetlips.  It was simply amazing!

All in all, our Black Pearl adventure was excellent.  If I had to rate it, it would definitely get a 9 out of 10, maybe even a 10 and I truly hope to be able to return another day for more Maldives adventures.

Source by Gill Garbourg

Our Review of the Holland American Lines Cruise Ship Oosterdam

In 1871 Holland America Lines began its history as the Nederlandsche - Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatwsschappij. Headquartered in Rotterdam Holland, and providing service to the Americas, it became known as Holland America Line.

In 1895 the company offered its first vacation cruise from New York and in 1910 its leisure cruise from New York to the Holy Land. In the 1970's Holland America Line suspended its transatlantic service and sold its cargo shipping division. Vacations became her full time focus. In 1989 Holland America Line became a wholly owned subdivision of Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world.

Embarkation was smooth and easy.  Drop off the bags in bins outside, walk inside, show ID and boarding pass, fill out the health questionnaire, get in a short check in line, show them the credit card you are using, smile for the camera, snap of another picture and you are on board.  Probably 20 minutes from arrival to the first mojito on the lido deck.  I’ve never had a better embarkation.

The last time we were on the Oosterdam was in 2003 when she was brand spanking new and I think someone has taken loving care of this beautiful boat.  She is just as lovely today as she was back then.  Our balcony stateroom was really nice and has more than enough room for us to move around, store all the clothing etc and relax with a glass of wine as the ocean rolled by.

Ok here we run into the only problem of the entire cruise to date.  We were confirmed with late seating and a table for 8.  We arrived to a 4 top with one elderly gentleman who was also sailing on his first cruise, with Air America, and had been assured of a large table of like minded individuals. 

It was ok, but not the most comfortable evening.  A quick trip to the Maitre D the next day fixed us up with a table for 6 with two other couples that were similarly disenchanted the evening before.  We had great table mates for the rest of the cruise. 

The shore excursions we picked have to rank right up there with some of the best shore excursions we have experienced anywhere in the world.  From Cabo San Lucas we went to Todos Santos for lunch at the Hotel California.  This is a very interesting drive through the desert of Baja California from the bay at Cabo on the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean, where the driver stopped at an unscheduled spot because there were lots of whales to see. 

The town itself is charming and some of the art work, most notable Rueben Gutierrez is spectacular.  By the way the Gutierrez pottery is very reasonably priced.  Then it was lunch at the Hotel California which had wonderful food.

In Mazatlan, we signed up for the Shrimp Fest.  We went to a lovely private residence, up on a hill overlooking the entire city, with gorgeous gardens and lovely terraces set up for the crowd.  They served Margaritas and beer and sodas all day and a buffet of all the shrimp you could eat, in three different styles along with rice and beans and guacamole and salsa and chips and of course tortillas. 

A small artisans gallery was on the grounds and my wife bought the most amazing citrine and freshwater pearl necklace and then met the designer of the necklace who offered to make her clip on earrings to go with it and email her when she had designed them. 

In Puerto Vallarta, we did “Rhythms of the Night” and you don’t want to miss that excursion!  It starts with a one hour catamaran ride to a private beach all lit up with tiki torches and absolutely gorgeous.  The catamaran crew put on a show which was pretty good.

Dinner was truly memorable as each party had a table for the number of people they designated. It was a buffet, but there were so many buffet tables set up that there were no lines.  Waiters brought you drinks and whatever else you wanted, and then there is a show in an amphitheater. I will admit I was not looking forward to the show because some of the cultural shows are boring, but this one was spectacular.  Then we took the catamaran back to the ship with all of the stars, the lights of Puerto Vallarta and finally the gorgeous Oosterdam lit up for the evening. It was great!

The disembarkation was as smooth as the embarkation.  Remember way back when I said the rooms weren’t ready until 1:30?  When you disembark, you may stay in your stateroom until they call your luggage tag color.  This is great!  Then you go to Deck 2, a short line, show your passport, and give the customs declaration to an official. Then quickly pick up your luggage and in our case take the first taxi in line and it is off to the airport.  Couldn’t have been smoother!

We both work for ourselves and build a cruise web site while traveling.  The internet is a crucial part of cruising for us and on the Oosterdam, we had wireless access in our stateroom.  You can buy packages from $100 for 250 minutes (40 cents a minute) on up.  You can also add more minutes as you need them and if you are on a package and you run out of minutes while logged in, they are charged at whatever rate your package calls for. 

This was our 11th cruise in 9 years and I must say, even though we had been to these ports before, this was one of the best cruises we have ever taken!

Source by William Lund

Find Best and Cheap Egypt Cruises

The Nile is a major north-flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world

Egypt is the most delightful destination that everyone would like to see at least once in a lifetime. Whenever you imagine of the Egypt Tour, you will imagine of the Nile Cruise. Such wonderful and beautiful Nile river was the life-giving force for a very unique civilization that ranks among the world’s greatest Pharaonic Civilization.

Our elegant Nile cruise ship carries travelers in comfort and luxury. For those who want to see the natural beauty and ancient wonders of Egypt, this is a truly relaxing way of experiencing this. We offer so many ways to fill your day. You can take a dip in the pool on the large sundeck overlooking the River Nile, or simply relax as the world of the Nile glides by. There are excursions to famous archeological sites which provide you with the opportunity to see Egypt`s awesome pharaonic heritage. On board the River Nile cruise ship, our dedicated staff cater to your preferences.

  1. Luxury Egypt Cruise are Sonesta St. George   , The Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruise , Oberoi Philae  , M/S Chateau Lafayette , M/S Royal Esadora , M/S Miss Esadora , M/S Nile Crown III , M/S Iberotel Crown Emperor  , M/S Iberotel Crown Empress , M/S Jaz Royal , M/S Crown Jewel , M/S Crown Jubilee, M/S Crown Prince , M/S Queen Isis  , Dahabeya Hadeel , Dahabeya Yasmina , Dahabiya Aquamarine .  Luxury cruises in Greece Easy Cruise Life , M/V Aquamarine , M/V Calypso , M/V Cristal , M/V The Aegean Pearl  and Much More luxury Curises.

All boats that we provide will always have private baths, air conditioning, and TVs. It is common for there to be video movies each night, and some boats are equipped with cameras allowing passengers to view the countryside from their TV. Floating hotels also offer various entertainments. Many of the boats have dance areas with disco or even live entertainment, and most offer a variety of nightly shows. These might include cocktail parties, Nubian shows, belly dancers and whirling dervish, plays and even dress up parties where guests don traditional apparel. Like land hotels, meals onboard most Nile cruisers are usually buffet style and include hot and cold food along with a variety of international and local cuisine. Most all boats have good modern water filtration, which is fine for showering, but it is still recommended to drink bottled water, which the boat will have aboard.

Imagine peaceful comfortably on the sun deck of your chosen Egypt cruise vessel whilst sipping afternoon tea or a cool gin and tonic observing the day to day life on the banks of the Nile.

Cruising the Nile is a truly unique Egypt Travel experience and we would like to help you arrange this once in a lifetime Egypt Tour. Come and review these cruisers to choose the one that fits your desires and join us cruising the Nile.

For More Information: -

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Meat Price Costing – A butchers nightmare

Meat Price Costing for Butchers.

Butchers who need to know what profit they are making on their butchered cuts have a tough time because not all meat from a butchered carcase sells at the same price. Obviously premium steak cuts sell for more than meat used for ground meat.

It is impossible for butchers simply to buy say a side of beef at $10 per pound and sell each and every cut or product at $15 per pound. Who is going to pay a price of $15 per pound for mince.

So butchers work on a principle called perceived value. Some of the more tender cuts are considered to be more valuble than others. This cause butchers a problem when trying to find out the profit they are making on a carcase. Normally how this is done is by performing a block test. This means taking a carcase, butchering it and weighing the amount of the cut. Obviosly a carcase weighing 100 pounds doesn't produce 100 pounds of saleable meat. There is fat, skin and bones that aren't normally sold at retail prices.

Then the butcher has to determine what price he can sell the individual cuts for, sometimes according to market prices or even what his competitors are selling for. Once this is done he can do the maths, work out how much he would get by selling all the butchered meat and therefore calculate the profit.

The problem lies though is that the cost of wholesale meat rises on falls almost on a daily basis which means the whole process has to be repeated, very time consuming.

With the advent of computers, a butchers life can be made easier. Using a specially program spreadsheet or specialist software such as Meat Costings Software the task of costing meat can be done much more quickly and regularly.

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Source by Mathew Forster